Hungarian-Spanish historical relations – some interesting facts

Hungarians in Spain

In 942, Hungarians attacked the Cordoban Caliphate. See Wikipedia link. The historian Ibn Hayyan (987–1075) described this in his work.

Constance of Aragon and King Emeric I of Hungary

King Emeric I (1174 – 30 September/30 November 1204) married Infanta Constance of Aragon probably in 1198. Constance of Aragon was the second child and eldest daughter of the nine children of Alfonso II of Aragon and Sancha of Castile. See Wikipedia link.

Mary of Habsburg and King Luis II of Hungary

In 1522, Luis married Maria Habsburg, grand daugther of emperor Maximiliano I and of the Catholic kings, and sister of the emperors Carl V and Fernando I. See Wikipedia link.

Violante de Hungría (in Hungarian: Jolánta)

born in 1212 in Esztergom, Hungary, and died in 1251 in Huesca. She was the queen of Aragón after she married James I of Aragón, "el Conquistador", in 1235. She was his second wife. Violante was the half sister of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary. See Wikipedia link.