Workshop on Quantum Correlations and Entanglement 2014

September 24, 2014, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Campus Leio, Sala de Reuniones 7 (Facultad de C & T)

Organizers: Géza Tóth, Jens Siewert

Invited participants:

Christopher Eltschka (Regensburg)
Marcus Huber (Barcelona)
Tobias Moroder (Siegen)
Tamás Vértesi (Debrecen)

Tentative program schedule

11:00 C. Eltschka
Monogamy equalities for qubit entanglement from Lorentz invariance

11:45 M. Huber
Thermodynamic cost and value of entanglement


15:00 T. Vértesi
Disproving the Peres conjecture

15:45 T. Moroder
Steering maps and their application to dimension bounded steering

Supported by UFI, German Research Foundation, MINECO, IKERBASQUE Basque Foundation for Science