Thematic presentation of my publications

Review papers

Entanglement detection: Phys. Rep.
Quantum metrology from a quantum information science perspective: JPHYSA

Entanglement criteria for bipartite systems

Bipartite entanglement in Dicke states: Science Quantum
Nonlinear entanglement criteria: PRA PRA Rapid

Entanglement criteria for multipartite systems

Bound entanglement in symmetric systems: PRL APB
Complete set of spin squeezing inequalities and bound entanglement: PRL PRA PRL PRA
Spin squeezing for symmetric states and states with a nonzero particle number variance: PRA
Entanglement detection close to symmetric Dicke states: PRL JOSAB PRL NJP PRL (Editors' Suggestion) Physics Synopsis NJP
Entanglement detection close to graph states: Intro PRL PRA PRL
Entanglement detection in spin chains: PRA Rapid NJP PRA APB PRResearch
Spin squeezing in optical lattices of cold bosonic two-state atoms: PRA
Mapping the spatial distribution of entanglement in optical lattices: PRA
Generation and detection of multi-qudit singlets in atomic ensembles: NJP PRL (Editors' Suggestion)
Entanglement detection in singlets of hot gases: NatCommun
Entanglement detection close to planar squeezed states: PRA Rapid
Multipartite entanglement detection beyond entanglement depth: Quantum Views (opinion on Sz. Szalay, Quantum 2020)

Entanglement measures

Calculating entanglement measures and convex roofs: PRL
Partial transposition, concurrence and negativity: PRA (Editors' Suggestion)

Bell inequalities, local hidden variable models and foundations of quantum physics

Werner states and local hidden variable models: PRA Rapid PRL
Bell inequalities for graph states: PRL PRA
Leggett-Garg inequalities: PRL

Tomography, and quantum information processing algorithms

Permutationally invariant quantum tomography: PRL NJP PRL
How to handle properly non-physical density matrices in tomography: arXiv
Twirling, as an example of mixed state quantum computing algorithms: PRA

Quantum metrology

Optimal estimation of the quantum Fisher information based on measurements: PRA (Editors’ Suggestion)
Gradient magnetometry with multiparticle quantum states: PRA PRA
Quantum metrology with Dicke states: NJP
Multipartite entanglement, quantum Fisher information and metrology: PRA PRA ActaSciMath PRResearch arXiv
Bound entanglement and metrology: PRL PRResearch
Activating hidden metrological usefulness and looking for the optimal local Hamiltonian: PRL
Activation of metrologically useful genuine multipartite entanglement: NJP
Optimizing local Hamiltonians for the best metrological performance: arXiv
Quantum optimal transport: Quantum

Quantum optics

Number operator-annihilation operator uncertainty relation: PRA

Quantum-dot Cellular Automata

Experimental realization with metallic islands: Science APL APL APL APL APL
Quasiadiabatic switching: JAPPL
Correlated electron transport via coupled double-dots: PRB
Semiconductor quantum-dots: SuperMicro PRA JAPPL

Liquid crystals

Dynamics of topological defects: PRL PRE JSP CPC

Cellular Neural Networks (CNN)



MATLAB toolbox for quantum information and quantum optics: CPC
QUBIT4MATLAB, my toolbox for quantum information: Download